About Armored Cloud®

Armored Cloud®: a paradigm shift where security becomes an enabler instead of a compromise

In today’s environment of cyber attacks, virtual corporate espionage and need for better security in the ever changing world of the “Internet of Things”, Armored Cloud® (AC) offers a suite of unique and innovative solutions to companies looking for competitive leverage and anonymized online activities. 

Operating under the philosophy that “you can’t exploit what you can’t see” AC offers a completely anonymous way for modern companies to do business, connect global resources and conduct research online. Initially created for classified use and run successfully on a global scale without being breached, AC is currently being used in multiple sectors of the commercial market including financial services, cyber threat and cyber security to name a few.

Who Uses Armored Cloud®?

AC is a patented system to anonymize Internet activities that delivers technology, expertise, and results in a secure, unified, and nimble framework. A range of leading global firms including one of the largest financial services providers, a premier provider of cyber threat intelligence, and a leader in big data business research currently use AC. In addition, various other firms who provide services to the legal, business, government, and law enforcement communities use the AC suite of products, which include collection, cloud security and secure communications.

Case Studies:

  1. How a global financial services giant built a state-of-the-art threat intellgence center with Armored Cloud® in only three weeks for much less than expected.
  2. How investigators fight child pornography and catch dangerous perpetrators with Armored Cloud®.
  3. How merchant aquiring banks conduct research anonymously while protecting their analysts' location and identity with Armored Cloud®.

How is Armored Cloud® Used?

Specifics of customer’s use cases are protected information but in brief current usages include: using AC as an agile, secure research tool to collect and transmit data from the public internet, social media and “dark web” sources; securely and anonymously communicating with remote workers / offices located in hostile cyber environments; easily manage sacrificial nodes for nimble data collection; or as a secure and more flexible alternative to expensive and time consuming to acquire private leased lines for moving sensitive data from disparate locations. 

Some customers are using AC’s nimble network ability to establish “just in time” network access for response to fast breaking business scenarios such as IPO or M&A activities where critical data needs to be moved securely and confidentially.  Customers have also found that with AC’s minimal latency and flexible infrastructure it is an ideal tool to stream live data securely from remote locations.

Armored Cloud® improves the functionality of your other security tools

Armored Cloud® passes all ports and protocols and can be used seamlessly in conjunction with a wide variety of cyber intelligence tools and applications. If you are using products like Bria VoIP, Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco VPNs, and Asterisk PBX, Openfire XMPP Client, or FireEye, we can add an additional, seamless layer of anonymzation and protection.

Any tool or product that is TCP and IPV4 and requires obfuscation or managed attribution can be improved with AC.

Armored Access Vendors

Armored Cloud® offers performance without the expense of security

Can you imagine a security solution capable of delivering anonymous access to real time applications without latency or bandwidth restrictions? This is possible with Armored Cloud.

Cloud services are moved into Armored Cloud® using a patented technology known as cloud masking, eliminating the vulnerabilities of public addresses and access. Traffic to and from the cloud provider then securely traverses the flexible, extensible  virtual private lines of Armored Cloud® Network.

Concerned about confidential data and privacy? Armored Cloud® uses three levels of encryption, and allows customers to control certification or crytpo at the inner core level. For example, you can continue to use your Type 1 encryption while wrapping all communication in additional layers of AC's security.

The enterprise suite of Armored Cloud products include:


Free Demos and Trials to Qualified Enterprise Organizations

To learn more about how Armored Cloud can not only protect your network but enhance your threat intelligence activities, call us today at 877-978-1688. Free demos are available, as is a free trial of the Armored Cloud suite of solutions.