Armored Cloud Announces New Alternative to Encryption and VPNs for Mobile Device Security

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Encryption and VPN software can be hacked and may not be an option for employees who bring their own devices (BYOD). Newly available USB solution eliminates security risk of laptops.


Organizations concerned about cybersecurity breaches due to laptop theft or unauthorized device use have a new alternative to restricting the use of mobile devices for work or travel. Armored Cloud, a global enterprise suite of solutions protecting organizations and their data, has announced immediate availability of their Armored Cloud USB solution.

Laptop theft and unauthorized access to corporate data via mobile devices remains a major concern for financial institutions, healthcare companies, and government organizations. Not only must organizations protect sensitive data stored on mobile devices, but they must also consider how these devices can be used as a vector to access even more valuable data on main corporate or government networks.

“It only takes the loss or theft of one device to cause substantial damage to a company’s reputation and bottom line,” says Michael H. Howland, CEO of Armored Cloud. “A theft or loss may even compromise proprietary information, negatively impacting your competitive position in the marketplace. Any hard drive is an attack surface for a determined cybercriminal—even encrypted hard drives.”

The massive data breach at J.P. Morgan Chase is a prime example of an employee’s device giving cyber criminals the “keys to the kingdom”. According to investigators, hackers originally accessed the company’s network via an employee’s personal computer. This access point allowed them to then progress deeper into the bank’s systems, ultimately compromising data on over 90 servers.

The solution is as simple as providing your workforce with Armored Cloud on a USB device, just made available by the Armored Cloud team. The device contains a proprietary browser, which allows the user to connect to any Internet connection and securely access corporate resources. No VPN or encryption software is required.

Mobile workers can work remotely or travel with their laptops without needing to bring along sensitive data on their hard drives. With the Armored Cloud USB solution, physical device security ceases to become a major vulnerability. This solves both the challenge of protecting data stored on a device and preventing unauthorized access to a larger corporate network.

Making this solution even more appealing is that loss or theft of the USB devices is a non-issue. The only software on the USB drive is the proprietary Armored Cloud browser, which requires user credentials in order to securely access the network—credentials that cannot be saved. The USB device can also be configured to self-destruct if access is attempted without the correct credentials.

Demos and complimentary trials of the Armored Cloud products and the new USB key solution are available to qualified businesses. Additional information about the Armored Cloud USB solution is available on our website.


Armored Cloud offers an enterprise suite of unique and innovative global enterprise solutions to organizations looking for competitive leverage and anonymized online activities. Operating under the philosophy that you can’t exploit what you can’t see, Armored Cloud essentially offers a completely anonymous way for modern companies to do business, connect global resources, conduct research online, and collect threat intelligence data—all with minimal latency and zero impact to current business processes. Learn more at

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