Digital Exhaust and the Enterprise

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Could unmanaged digital exhaust be the next big cyber threat to your organization?

Digital exhaust, digital trail, digital breadcrumbs: no matter what terminology or buzzword of the day is used, your digital persona is crafted by the passive and active trail your browser leaves behind.

The active trail includes your daily actions that you are aware of: websites visited, online forms completed, that fuzzy pair of slippers you bought on Ebay. The passive trail consists of cookies and tracking methods largely deployed by the ad ecosystem that most users are largely unaware of. When your passive and active trails are combined, your “digital footprint” can be created, containing much more information about your online persona than you could ever imagine.

So what’s the problem? Most users today have become accustomed to highly targeted online ads and have willingly given up a certain level of privacy in the name of Internet supplied convenience. However, this digital footprint is no longer being used merely by ad networks, but has become a prime target for hackers and those looking to profit illegally from a user’s online presence.

The Impact of Unmanaged Digital Exhaust on the Enterprise

As applied to the enterprise, a user’s uncontrolled digital exhaust and footprint could spell disaster. An enterprise user’s digital persona, comprised of that user’s digital footprint, is a Hanzel and Gretel like trail of breadcrumbs. Instead of leading back home to safety, however, this trail leads hackers directly to your most valued corporate assets. Just imagine a user’s digital footprint containing malware or access controls to your most valued enterprise portal, or a user’s digital exhaust containing a roadmap to your enterprise’s intellectual property.

The Solution: Managed Attribution and Non-persistent Computing

The only solution to remove an employee’s digital footprint and to contain their digital exhaust is through a strict policy of managed attribution and non-persistent computing. In order to obtain managed attribution, a multi-nodal, secure infrastructure must be put into place that offers the necessary performance required for a user to perform their daily job without suffering the latency blues.

Armored Cloud, with its presence in over 100 countries, allows a user to globally manage their attribution with no impact on performance. A user sitting in a coffee shop in Boston is able to log on to their preferred computer device and appear to the outside world as though they are currently present in London, with no traceable connection back to Boston. This allows for more fine-tuned control of that user’s digital footprint. Additionally, by deploying an Armored Cloud non-persistent desktop (through our Virtual Desktop Interface, or VDI), that employee’s digital exhaust is limited to that computing session and that computing session only.

Demos and free trials of the Armored Cloud solution suite are available for qualified businesses and organizations. Please fill out the form on this page or call us at (877) 978-1688 to schedule time with our team.

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