Telos Ghost® Security and the Enterprise: Merchant Acquiring Banks and Global Managed Attribution

Merchant acquirers, or acquiring banks, process credit card payments on behalf of merchants. A single acquiring bank can process hundreds of billions of dollars in volume each year, making security a top priority—and an enormous risk for both the acquiring bank and their merchant clients.

However, providing point of sale and payment processing security is only part of the challenge. These banks also face security threats when investigating potential merchant partners. Before agreeing to provide online and in-store payment processing for one of hundreds of thousands of small to large businesses across the globe, these banks must execute their due diligence and research their potential partners.

The Challenge: Research Without Footprints

Point of sale services are used by everyone selling goods and services online, everything from office supplies to pornography and gambling requires a secure payment solution. Investigating potential partners can mean visiting websites and virtual storefronts in dark corners of the web, sometimes in high-risk environments where spammers and hackers monitor traffic and activity.

Acquiring banks have two basic security needs when investigating partners:

  1. Isolate web browsing and research activity from the corporate network to provide a clean environment with no tracking information like cookies or browser fingerprinting;
  2. Protect the identity and location of analysts and researchers to avoid online activity being traced back to the organization’s network.

Limitations of using sacrificial nodes within AWS, Tor, or one-hop proxies are well known. Between obvious latency and increasingly sophisticated hackers and spammers being able to spot certain types of sacrificial nodes, a new solution is needed to effectively manage digital footprints.

The Solution: Telos Ghost’s Managed Attribution

Telos Ghost provides completely non-persistent virtual machines (VMs) on sacrificial nodes anywhere across the globe. These VMs do not save information and are completely isolated from the corporate environment. Once the analyst or researcher ends their session, the VMs roll back to the initial state without any trace of sites visited, links clicked, or documents downloaded.

Benefits of the Telos Ghost Enterprise Managed Attribution Solution:

  1. Complete isolation from the corporate network;
  2. Untraceable web browsing and online research;
  3. Separation of analysts’ corporate persona from their research work;
  4. Quick standup of sacrificial nodes and non-persistent VMs across the globe.

PRICE: cost per seat depends on volume, but is surprisingly affordable.

TIME: a fully operational global network of sacrificial nodes and non-persistent VMs can be available in as little as 3 weeks, with subsequent nodes stood up within a day.

With Telos Ghost’s Managed Attribution, merchant acquirers are able to conduct their due diligence research and investigations without compromising their corporate identity or security. View additional case studies for how Telos Ghost is used to conduct investigations and fight cybercrime.

Because Telos Ghost gives our merchant acquiring bank customers a distinct competitive advantage we are prohibited from sharing their identities in the public domain. To learn more, please contact us about a demo or trial at 800-708-3567. If your organization meets certain requirements, we will share additional information about this and other case studies to give you a better understanding of how you can leverage the power of Telos Ghost.