Telos Ghost: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Telos Ghost products and services, cyber security issues, and online privacy and network security challenges.


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  • What is digital exhaust?

    Digital exhaust is a relatively new term that describes the data leakage that occurs when you move around the public internet.

    Everything you do online—email, internet browsing, app use, social media—leaves behind a trail of data that can be used to build your persona and determine your geo-location. It is a passive trail of information that can be used by marketers to sell you targeted products and services, or it is information that can be used by “bad guys” to figure out who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing online.

    Controlling digital exhaust is a key factor in obfuscation and managed attribution—issues of great importance if you need to protect corporate information or conduct sensitive research or analysis online. If you use Tor or one-hop proxies in an attempt to control digital exhaust, you’re basically waving a flag telling anyone watching that you are not who or where you pretend to be.

    Telos Ghost’s suite of solutions was designed to control and manage digital exhaust. Our solutions are used by everyone from intelligence organizations needing to do research and influence online across the globe, to law firms protecting the source and destination of their communication to protect knowledge about upcoming IPOs or mergers. We also work with finance institutions on creating state-of-the-art threat intelligence centers.

    Read more about this issue in “Digital Exhaust and the Enterprise”. If your company needs to better manage data leakage, please contact us for a private demo or free trial (only available to qualified organizations).

  • What kind of performance sacrifices should I expect with Telos Ghost?

    Performance degradation with the use of online security solutions is a major concern to companies and organizations needing to do business online. Often the choice is fast or secure—pick one.

    However, the pressure to provide fast, easily accessible resources to clients and employees has made the risk / reward balance a component of many companies’ competitive edge.

    One of the advantages of Telos Ghost is that our suite of products can be used to control digital exhaust, provide true managed attribution and anonymity online, and replace ineffective solutions like Tor and private leased lines without compromising performance.

    Telos Ghost solutions can be used seamlessly without any noticeable performance degradation. Interact anywhere online through our global network without any noticeable lag. Stream videos or transfer data without discernable latency.

    If online performance and latency are major issues for your organization, Telos Ghost may be the solution you didn’t know existed.

    We offer private demos and trials, and can share confidential customer use cases with qualified businesses. Visit our Free Trial page or fill out the form on this page to learn more.

  • Does Telos Ghost replace my existing products or complement them?

    Telos Ghost can be used as a standalone solution in many situations, however one of its greatest strengths is that it can be used to improve the security and flexibility of your existing products.

    Here are a few examples:

    • VPN: if you are concerned that your existing VPN solution does not offer adequate security for employee and contractor access to your sensitive networks, Telos Ghost can be layerd on top of your VPN. This means you and your team can keep what is working, just make it better with enhanced security.
    • Cyber intelligence tools: because Telos Ghost Web Access passes all ports and protocols it can be used in conjunction with your existing solutions. This is especially true if you require obfuscation or managed attribution.
    • Virtual machines: if you are using virtual machines, access them through Telos Ghost to manage your online presence. Obfuscate your identity and location across the globe.

    Telos Ghost can also be used to replace certain solutions.


    • Tor and other one-hop proxies: using Tor or one-hop proxies for anonymous browsing online? These solutions are easily traced through network packet correlation, and do not provide the true anonymity and obfuscation necessary for sensitive work. Telos Ghost manages all ports and protocols, preventing data leaks (digital exhaust) that can compromise your work and location.
    • Private leased lines: private leased lines may be necessary to access resources across the globe, however they are expensive and often time-consuming to set up. Telos Ghost is a surprisingly affordable, just-in-time alternative.

    Unsure if Telos Ghost will work for your business or organization? Please contact us for a private demo or trial, where we can share confidential use cases with qualified businesses.


  • Is Telos Ghost a hosted, hardware-free solution?

    Yes. You do not need your own hardware or data center in order to use Telos Ghost’s suite of products.

    All of our solutions are hosted and managed by our team in our own data centers around the world.

    Several of our products also work seamlessly with your existing hardware and software. For example, if you need to enhance the security and flexibility of your current VPN solution, you can use Telos Ghost Network Access. Looking to appear truly anonymous on the Internet? Use Telos Ghost Web Access, where your employees can log in from anywhere in the world, and then appear to be working or researching anywhere in the world. This allows you to manage your attribution and control your digital exhaust.

    Our deceptively simple and portable USB solution gives your traveling workforce the ability to access corporate assets or browse anonymously from anywhere in the world using their own laptop, without fear of being seen. Need a desktop solution that can be paired with non-persistent virtual machines to provide on-demand anonymous browsing? That’s our Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI).

    If you’d like to find out more about how Telos Ghost can be used with your existing infrastructure, please contact us for a private demo or trial.


  • Is privatization of the public internet possible—or just a myth?

    Short answer: it is possible. There just aren’t many solutions out there to do it effectively at an enterprise scale.

    We are often approached by companies and organizations looking for a way to privatize the work their teams need to do online. After all, the internet is open and public—a great strength when it comes to speed and connectivity, but a serious liability for organizations concerned about leaking data that can be used by others to compromise their intellectual capital or intelligence efforts.

    This online data leakage—also known as digital exhaust—is the reason anonymity is difficult for any internet use. Your team’s laptops are teeming with data that give away location, identity, preferences, history. Who they’re talking to and how often.

    So what can you do about it? Traditionally the answer has been solutions like Tor and one-hop proxies. VPNs for accessing corporate networks. Dedicated laptops for high-risk work. However, not one of these solutions is ideal for truly sensitive online activities.

    Our clients come to us because they need privacy, anonymity, or managed attribution—appearing to be somebody or somewhere they are not. We have developed a suite of solutions that do in fact make it possible to do business and conduct research privately, using the public internet.

    Telos Ghost solutions solve the problem of digital exhaust by managing two key issues facing successful managed attribution or obfuscation:

    • Technical attribution: controlling technical details about the physical device
    • Personal attribution: managing an individual’s digital footprint when using email, browsers, social media, apps, etc.

    Controlling technical and personal attribution with Telos Ghost allows your workforce to access sensitive corporate data or access resources around the world without leaving behind a compromising trail on the public internet.

    For additional information about how we can privatize the public Internet for your business or organization, please visit one of the following links or contact us for a private demo or trial.

  • What is Managed Attribution?

    Control Who and Where You Appear to Be

    Managed attribution is the ability to control the appearance of your internet persona and how activities are linked back to you. This includes your point of internet presence.

    Essentially you are controlling who you appear to be online, and where you appear to be online.

    You can be an investigator in Washington, D.C. who appears to be active on social media or email in Detroit. Or a Mergers & Acquisition law firm in New York whose web searches appears to be originating in San Francisco.

    Your goal? Throw off bad actors, cyber criminals, or competitors who stand to profit from knowing what you are doing online, and with whom you communicate.

    Managed Attribution Isolates Online Activity from the Corporate Network

    Many companies performing market research, cyber threat analysis, or criminial investigations do not want that work associated with their company brand or organization for various reasons. Isolating online activity from the corporate network is paramount to maintaining anonymity online and preserving a competitive and strategic advantage.

    When managing attribution and personas, is important to control both the personal and technical components of attribution, otherwise the digital exhaust you leave behind with every online activity will expose your true identity.

    The majority of our customers come to us needing a truly effective managed attribution solution. Our products are designed to make it easy for organizations to control their digital footprint and manage their online presence.

    Free Trials Available for Qualified Enterprise Organizations

    Is managed attribution right for you? Fill out the form on this page or call us today at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) to schedule a demo or request a free no obligation trial of Telos Ghost.


  • Can’t we just rely on our VPN for adequate security?

    VPNs have their uses, as well as their pros and cons. Typical VPN’s are point to point. This means that somebody watching your traffic could identify your VPN users. It is actually easier to attack your users as they typically do not have the same level of protections that a corporate data center would.

    Why is this so risky? Your trusted users typically have access to the information or network resources an attacker would want. Telos Ghost helps to protect the identity of your VPN users, making it much more difficult to attack them directly. This is why we use the line "you can't exploit what you can't see". If attackers cannot locate your users or your network traffic, there is no way for them to exploit either one.

    Please visit our product pages about Telos Ghost Web Access, Telos Ghost Networl Access, and Telos Ghost Cloaked Services to find out more about how these products can be used. 

    Fill out the form on this page or call us today at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) to schedule a demo or request a free 90-day no obligation trial of Telos Ghost.

  • Is Telos Ghost Secure?

    In a word, yes. Telos Ghost is secure.

    Here's why we can say this with confidence:

    • Telos Ghost uses multiple layers of encryption at the AES 256 level. One layer of this type of encryption would take a supercomputer thousands of years to break.
    • Telos Ghost uses multiple nodes to transmit your data. Most nodes do not know anything about the other nodes. This makes it near impossible for an attacker to follow the trail of your online session.
    • It is possible to use your own encryption inside Telos Ghost to protect yourself even further.

    Don't just take our word for it.

    Fill out the form on this page or call us today at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) to schedule a demo or request a free 90-day no obligation trial of Telos Ghost.