What kind of performance sacrifices should I expect with Telos Ghost?

Performance degradation with the use of online security solutions is a major concern to companies and organizations needing to do business online. Often the choice is fast or secure—pick one.

However, the pressure to provide fast, easily accessible resources to clients and employees has made the risk / reward balance a component of many companies’ competitive edge.

One of the advantages of Telos Ghost is that our suite of products can be used to control digital exhaust, provide true managed attribution and anonymity online, and replace ineffective solutions like Tor and private leased lines without compromising performance.

Telos Ghost solutions can be used seamlessly without any noticeable performance degradation. Interact anywhere online through our global network without any noticeable lag. Stream videos or transfer data without discernable latency.

If online performance and latency are major issues for your organization, Telos Ghost may be the solution you didn’t know existed.

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