What is Managed Attribution?

Control Who and Where You Appear to Be

Managed attribution is the ability to control the appearance of your internet persona and how activities are linked back to you. This includes your point of internet presence.

Essentially you are controlling who you appear to be online, and where you appear to be online.

You can be an investigator in Washington, D.C. who appears to be active on social media or email in Detroit. Or a Mergers & Acquisition law firm in New York whose web searches appears to be originating in San Francisco.

Your goal? Throw off bad actors, cyber criminals, or competitors who stand to profit from knowing what you are doing online, and with whom you communicate.

Managed Attribution Isolates Online Activity from the Corporate Network

Many companies performing market research, cyber threat analysis, or criminial investigations do not want that work associated with their company brand or organization for various reasons. Isolating online activity from the corporate network is paramount to maintaining anonymity online and preserving a competitive and strategic advantage.

When managing attribution and personas, is important to control both the personal and technical components of attribution, otherwise the digital exhaust you leave behind with every online activity will expose your true identity.

The majority of our customers come to us needing a truly effective managed attribution solution. Our products are designed to make it easy for organizations to control their digital footprint and manage their online presence.

Free Trials Available for Qualified Enterprise Organizations

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