Does Telos Ghost replace my existing products or complement them?

Telos Ghost can be used as a standalone solution in many situations, however one of its greatest strengths is that it can be used to improve the security and flexibility of your existing products.

Here are a few examples:

  • VPN: if you are concerned that your existing VPN solution does not offer adequate security for employee and contractor access to your sensitive networks, Telos Ghost can be layerd on top of your VPN. This means you and your team can keep what is working, just make it better with enhanced security.
  • Cyber intelligence tools: because Telos Ghost Web Access passes all ports and protocols it can be used in conjunction with your existing solutions. This is especially true if you require obfuscation or managed attribution.
  • Virtual machines: if you are using virtual machines, access them through Telos Ghost to manage your online presence. Obfuscate your identity and location across the globe.

Telos Ghost can also be used to replace certain solutions.


  • Tor and other one-hop proxies: using Tor or one-hop proxies for anonymous browsing online? These solutions are easily traced through network packet correlation, and do not provide the true anonymity and obfuscation necessary for sensitive work. Telos Ghost manages all ports and protocols, preventing data leaks (digital exhaust) that can compromise your work and location.
  • Private leased lines: private leased lines may be necessary to access resources across the globe, however they are expensive and often time-consuming to set up. Telos Ghost is a surprisingly affordable, just-in-time alternative.

Unsure if Telos Ghost will work for your business or organization? Please contact us for a private demo or trial, where we can share confidential use cases with qualified businesses.