Is privatization of the public internet possible—or just a myth?

Short answer: it is possible. There just aren’t many solutions out there to do it effectively at an enterprise scale.

We are often approached by companies and organizations looking for a way to privatize the work their teams need to do online. After all, the internet is open and public—a great strength when it comes to speed and connectivity, but a serious liability for organizations concerned about leaking data that can be used by others to compromise their intellectual capital or intelligence efforts.

This online data leakage—also known as digital exhaust—is the reason anonymity is difficult for any internet use. Your team’s laptops are teeming with data that give away location, identity, preferences, history. Who they’re talking to and how often.

So what can you do about it? Traditionally the answer has been solutions like Tor and one-hop proxies. VPNs for accessing corporate networks. Dedicated laptops for high-risk work. However, not one of these solutions is ideal for truly sensitive online activities.

Our clients come to us because they need privacy, anonymity, or managed attribution—appearing to be somebody or somewhere they are not. We have developed a suite of solutions that do in fact make it possible to do business and conduct research privately, using the public internet.

Telos Ghost solutions solve the problem of digital exhaust by managing two key issues facing successful managed attribution or obfuscation:

  • Technical attribution: controlling technical details about the physical device
  • Personal attribution: managing an individual’s digital footprint when using email, browsers, social media, apps, etc.

Controlling technical and personal attribution with Telos Ghost allows your workforce to access sensitive corporate data or access resources around the world without leaving behind a compromising trail on the public internet.

For additional information about how we can privatize the public Internet for your business or organization, please visit one of the following links or contact us for a private demo or trial.