Anonymous. Affordable. Untraceable.

Investigate and influence online without footprints, from anywhere at any time—at a competitive price point.

Telos Ghost Web Access is our answer to the deficiencies of Tor and one-hop proxies. It allows you to create a network that is untraceable, anonymous, and completely distinct from your corporate network. Unlike other solutions, we offer minimal latency and aggressive pricing. Telos Ghost Web Access also works seamlessly with your existing cybersecurity tools, giving you a unique competitive edge.

Built by a team that quietly cut their teeth on cyber threat intelligence before it became a buzzword, Telos Ghost Web Access was designed for use by the federal government and has been running for more than five years in over 100 countries—without once being compromised.


How Can Telos Ghost Web Access Be Used?

  • Stand up anonymous, untraceable sacrificial nodes anywhere in the world on short notice.
  • Conduct threat intelligence, competitive research, or investigate the dark web without being traced.
  • Enhance your existing cyber threat intelligence tools – make them completely anonymous and untraceable.
  • Manage personas anywhere in the world; keep them isolated from your corporate network.


Many organizations think their cyber threat intelligence feeds and tools are good enough. They think they are anonymous. They think they are untraceable. They aren’t.

But you don’t need more tools, or different tools. You don’t need to start over or reinvent your intelligence and research divisions. What you need is the cloak of untraceable anonymity offered by Telos Ghost Web Access.

We offer all of this without any servers or leased rack space (if you choose our hosted option). No additional hardware investment. No assets to manage or depreciate. Instead, you use our sustainable cloud based infrastructure to gather intelligence and conduct research with low overhead and no commitment.

How can Telos Ghost Web Access be used?

  • Law enforcement teams can be online anywhere at any time, often with little or no notice. Need to leverage the power of managed attribution to appear to be in Chicago…or Austin…or Buenos Aires? No problem.  
  • Cyber crime investigation units within corporations can quietly and quickly investigate cyber attacks using personas and sacrificial nodes. Never again worry about having to cycle equipment or resources discovered by those you are watching.
  • Businesses needing access to data hidden in the dark web can go undercover to gather competitive intelligence or investigate threats. Being able to research where you aren’t wanted using obfuscation has never been easier.
  • Companies investigating suspected wrongdoing can create and manage multiple identities all over the world. Login with different personas from anywhere you need to be.
  • Cost-sensitive businesses can dramatically reduce their IT infrastructure costs for existing investigative and research hardware and software—and get better results.
  • Technical teams researching threats can get access to more than a just a browser—they can launch and run any application accessible from a desktop.

Telos Ghost Web Access makes all of this possible, at a price-point and just-in-time delivery that will surprise you.

Applications Enhanced by Telos Ghost Web Access

Telos Ghost Web Access passes all ports and protocols and can be used seamlessly in conjunction with a wide variety of cyber intelligence tools and applications, particularly those requiring obfuscation or managed attribution. If your application is TCP and IPV4, we can make it better.

Examples include Bria VoIP, Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco VPNs, and Asterisk PBX, Openfire XMPP Client, FireEye.

Armored Access Vendors

Who Uses Telos Ghost Web Access?

Our customers in both the public and private sectors do not allow us to publicly disclose their identity. However, if you contact us for a private demo or trial and your organization meets our standards, we can share key customer case studies and additional information.

Read our case study on how Telos Ghost Web Access is being used by a financial services giant to power their state-of-the-art threat intelligence center.

Contact us at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) for a free trial. Visit our Free Trial page for more information or to schedule a demo of the Telos Ghost suite of products.