Telos Ghost® Enterprise Managed Attribution

Isolate and Control Your Team's Digital Footprint

Imagine if your team could perform their work from one place, while appearing to be anywhere in the world. What could they accomplish with a truly obfuscated online presence—or a completely fictitious one?

Competitive research. Threat analysis. Computer surveillance. Social influence. Enhanced obfuscation of existing cybersecurity tools.

There are many reasons why your team may require either anonymity online or managed personas. Simple solutions like Tor or one-hop proxies are available, but their weaknesses are well documented. With an inadequate solution, online obfuscation and managed attribution can be a risky liability instead of a competitive strength.

You need a managed attribution solution that successfully controls your complete online presence—not just the browser or specific applications—without discernable latency or identifiable source location.

Complete Global Enterprise Managed Attribution

The only way to remove an employee’s digital footprint and to contain their digital exhaust is through a strict policy of managed attribution and non-persistent computing. In order to obtain managed attribution, a multi-nodal, secure infrastructure must be put into place that offers the necessary performance required for a user to perform their daily job without experiencing unacceptable latency.

Our global enterprise managed attribution obfuscates all aspects of each device completely using a worldwide network of nimble sacrificial nodes and non-persistent connections. Every online action is masked and managed in two ways:

  • TECHNICAL MANAGED ATTRIBUTION: technical information about the physical device is controlled. This encompasses IP addresses, details about the type of machine being used, information about applications and browsers. Incomplete technical attribution management leaks information to anyone watching, indicating that that you are not who or where you say you are.
  • PERSONAL MANAGED ATTRIBUTION: the second key component is ensuring that all of your online activities are consistent with the persona you seek to establish. Use of email, social media, browsers, applications all need to “leak” convincing information that you are who and where you say that you are, thereby controlling your digital exhaust.

Telos Ghost, with its presence in over 100 countries, allows a user to globally manage their attribution with no impact on performance. A user sitting in a coffee shop in Boston is able to log on to their preferred computer device and appear to the outside world as though they are currently present in London, with no traceable connection back to Boston. This allows for more fine-tuned control of that user’s digital footprint.

Additionally, by deploying an Telos Ghost non-persistent desktop (through our popular Virtual Desktop Interface, or VDI), that employee’s digital exhaust is limited to that computing session and that computing session only.

Telos Ghost’s Suite of Managed Attribution Tools

Our global, enterprise managed attribution solution is available in a variety of formats to meet your needs:

  1. Managed attribution for desktop users: Telos Ghost’s Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)
  2. Managed attribution for your mobile workforce: Telos Ghost’s USB Solution
  3. Managed attribution for your enterprise network: Telos Ghost Private Network Access and Telos Ghost Web Access
  4. Managed attribution for mobile communications: Telos Ghost Cloaked Services

How is Telos Ghost's Managed Attribution being used by organizations today?

Review our customer case studies to understand how our managed attribution solutions can be used in a variety of ways:

Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

Telos Ghost passes all ports and protocols, working seamlessly with any TCP and IPV4 cybersecurity tool or product requiring obfuscation or managed attribution. Enhance your existing network security, without disrupting tools or processes already in place.

Is managed attribution right for your organization? We offer demos and free trials to qualified enterprise organizations. Please fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) to discuss our solution capabilities.