Telos Ghost: Honeypot As A Service

Enterprise use of honeypots is on the rise, and for good reason. They are highly effective at attracting and detecting malicious activity that would otherwise compromise your network, and can turn up rogue exploits and malware activity before they become a problem. In addition, honeypots can give analysts and tech teams the opportunity to study the methods and code of the bad actors they attract.

What exactly are honeypots? They are a computing resource whose only purpose is to be found and exploited. Think of them as traps. A properly isolated and configured honeypot will appear to be a vulnerable part of your network, irresistible to those seeking to compromise your assets. Set up correctly, you will attract the attention of the hackers you are trying to thwart, causing them to reveal their location and methods.

What information can you glean from using a honeypot?

  1. IP information about hackers;
  2. Capture malware code and observe its execution;
  3. Identify rogue insiders;
  4. Identify command and control (C2 or C&C) infrastructure;
  5. Threat detection and research for botnets and worms.

With so many benefits to running honeypots, why don’t more organizations use them? Quite simply, they can be a challenge to set up and maintain and can increase risk to your internal infrastructure. We developed our own honeypot as an enterprise service solution to meet these very challenges.

Telos Ghost's Honeypot as a Service

Telos Ghost, with locations in over 100 places across the globe, is ideally designed to provide enterprise clients with access to honeypots on demand. On short notice we can configure and stand up honeypot traps that appear to be in almost any location, and if necessary appearing to be part of your own network. This means that you can begin to collect and analyze malware and attack data as soon as you need it, not after a lengthy procurement or setup process.

With the Telos Ghost platform engaged as your honeypot, you can glean all of the information described above without any risk to your own infrastructure. Our isolated network, sandboxed connections, and flexible platform offer you an unprecedented ability to capture detailed threat data.

Get started: we offer demos and free trials to qualified enterprise organizations. Please fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) to see if our honeypot service will work for you.