Portable Device Security for Your Mobile Workforce

Anonymous users, anonymous end points, anonymous connections—with unprecedented network security—for your mobile workforce.

You may have security concerns about laptop use by your mobile workforce for a number of reasons:

  1. Your workforce may need to use a laptop or workstation that is not their own to access corporate databases and applications.
  2. Your mobile workforce travels in countries where devices can be compromised.
  3. You are concerned about proprietary data or VPN connections on hard drives used by traveling employees or contractors being lost or stolen.

It only takes one device loss or theft to cause substantial damage to your reputation and bottom line. A theft or loss may even compromise your proprietary information and negatively impact your competitive position in the marketplace.

High profile data thefts that started with a lost or stolen laptop

FBI Seal Logo Image

FBI Laptop with Veterans' Records Stolen

FBI seeks stolen personal data on 26 million vets, which was allegedly stolen from the home of an employee. Compromised data included veterans' names, Social Security numbers, and birth dates.

Coca-Cola Logo Image

Stolen Coca-Cola Laptops Lead to Data Breach

An estimated 74,000 data records may have been compromised on stolen Coca-Cola laptops. Data included names, Social Security numbers, addresses, and additional information such as financial compensation and ethnicity.

US Healthworks Logo Image

US Healthworks Stolen Laptop Contained PHI and PII

US Healthworks suffers data breach via unencrypted laptop stolen from employees’ vehicle. The laptop contained both protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).


Any hard drive is an attack surface to a determined cybercriminal—even encrypted hard drives. VPNs are not always enough, either. If your remote workforce is connecting through your corporate VPN, there is “something” on that hard drive that can connect thieves to your network and your data.

Telos Ghost USB Eliminates Data Loss Risk from Laptop Theft

The solution is as simple as providing your workforce with Telos Ghost on a USB device. The device contains a proprietary browser, which allows the user to connect to any internet connection and securely access corporate resources.

No VPN. No trace. No stored passwords.

Armored Cloud USB Security DeviceMobile workers can travel with their laptops without needing to bring along sensitive data on their hard drives. Not even VPN software. Physical device security ceases to become a major vulnerability.

What if the USB key is lost or stolen? Not a problem. The only thing on the USB is the proprietary Telos Ghost browser, which requires user credentials in order to security access your network—credentials that cannot be saved.

Criminals can’t exploit what they can’t find

Don’t allow your organization’s data to be compromised because of a lost or stolen laptop. Remove your mobile workforce’s attack surface with Telos Ghost’s USB solution. Free trials and demos of our products are available by calling 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) or by filling out the form on this page.