Federal Uses of Telos Ghost

The federal government is a massive target for hackers of all shapes and sizes with a wide array of motivations. Not all Federal data warrants the level of security that Telos Ghost provides, but much of it does.

Telos Ghost was created and deployed by the intelligence community to protect sensitive data and identities. Its ability to "wrap" entire clouds and work environments—including mobile and video—allows it to protect complex missions and operations.

Telos Ghost permits people from many government components to collaboration in real-time, via the internet, without any indication of where they are and who they are. It goes further by enabling personnel to communicate using ordinary, commercially available hardware.

Telos Ghost was also designed to encase and hide data traffic used in the management and support of critical infrastructure. You can't hack what you can't find.

Telos Ghost helps agencies better serve their customers, securely connecting people to quality services and information when and where they need them.

Bringing cloud, analytics and other enabling technologies, we are working together to modernize and protect federal operations. Telos Ghost is a technology which, when applied to critical computing infrastructure, provides benefits by extending the security, functionality, and capabilities to the end user in ways never before possible.

Is Telos Ghost's Advanced Cloud Security Platform Right For Your Agency?

Fully-functional free demos and trials are available for qualified agencies. Please contact 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) or fill out the form on this page to find out if Telos Ghost is the right solution for your cyber security challenges.