Mobile Application for Secure, Anonymous Communications.

Fully encrypted unified communications for video, voice, chat, & data.

Sometimes who you’re communicating with and where they are located is as important as what you say to each other. You must protect your location and identity, and the location and identity of your assets—all while on the go in a global mobile environment.

Armored Cloud® Communications is platform independent and can be used by any phone, tablet, computer and operating system to provide secure communications. Features include:

  • Double tunnel encrypted Video, Data, and Voice.
  • Users cannot be geolocated via AC Communications.
  • Remote deployment through simple app download.
  • Users can be sandboxed to restrict communications.
  • Ability to secure overseas field offices and employees.
  • Device agnostic—use any device, any time.

How does Armored Communications work?

  • Download the app to your phone.
  • Call your recipient. A unique random phone number will show on their caller ID.  Your actual phone number and location cannot be traced.
  • Your recipient can call you back at your unique number, never knowing where you are located.

If both users have Armored Communications installed, all calls and communication are private and secure. Neither of your identities or locations can be traced.

Ideal users for Armored Communications:

  • Protective forces. Contact your protected assets without anyone knowing who is calling them, or with whom they are communicating.
  • Global corporations. Communicate to executives, field workers, or potential clients while protecting their identity and location.
  • Security details. Communicate with your team or with the individuals you are charged with keeping safe, without revealing any identifying details.
  • Law enforcement. Call or chat with investigators or undercover assets securely and anonymously.
  • Emergency protection. Protect your executives and your sensitive corporate communications during unexpected emergency scenarios.

Armored Communications is a natural extension of Armored Network, allowing you to communicate anonymously via desktop and mobile anywhere in the world. Contact us today for a free trial, by filling out the form on our Free Trial page or calling us at (877) 978-1688.