Industries Served by Telos Ghost

Commercial. Federal. National Security. DoD.

The first secure communications as a service platform built specifically for distributed environments as a complete end to end solution. The only commercially available cyber security platform to successfully pass the National Security Community's most advanced operational "red team" testing. 

Telos Ghost is the only product on the market that enables data providers and users truly randomized access, providing a unique doorway for each and every session. This combined with other capabilities of the system makes Telos Ghost virtually impenetrable.

Secure . Access . Connect.

Today's cloud environments force difficult tradeoffs between availability and security. Because of the rise in the number of cloud installations and cyber-attacks, cloud solutions need to ensure data integrity, highly secure access, and demonstrated data security compliance. All this needs to be done with a simple user interface which increases the odds users will work within the secure envelope and not freelance.

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