Integrated Cyber Threat Intelligence

Proactive Global Threat Intelligence Using Isolated Telos Ghost Network

In response to the significant risk posed by cybercriminals across the globe, cyber threat intelligence has become increasingly important to enterprise organizations.

The ability to gather real-time, uncompromised data—anonymously—is paramount to threat intelligence work. Malware and attacks need to be studied and analyzed quietly without tipping off the enemy. Data needs to be returned to analysts quickly and discretely, without being traced.

However, doing this on a corporate network is risky. To mitigate risks, any environment used to study malware or suspicious activity needed to be completely technically and commercially separate from the corporate network.

This distinct network must also be set up quickly, with nodes available in short notice within any of hundreds of countries across the globe. Nodes that may ultimately be compromised and discarded, while new nodes are quickly created elsewhere.

The ideal solution would also work seamlessly with other tools such as Bria VoIP, Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco VPNs, and Asterisk PBX, Openfire XMPP Client, or FireEye, adding an additional, seamless layer of anonymzation and protection.

This solution is Telos Ghost.

Our suite of products offers managed attribution and obfuscation at a global, enterprise level that works with a wide variety of existing tools, and includes:

  1. Patented cloud masking technology that eliminates public addresses and access
  2. Faster, more affordable than private leased lines
  3. Passes all ports and protocols, working with any existing TCP / IPV4 compliant tool
  4. Minimal latency, no bandwidth restrictions
  5. Three levels of encryption, giving you control over certification or crytpo at the inner core level

Telos Ghost products:

We make demos and trials of our solutions available to qualified businesses and organizations. To learn more about Telos Ghost please call us at 1-800-70-TELOS (800-708-3567) or fill out our online contact form.

About Telos Ghost

Telos Ghost offers an enterprise suite of unique and innovative global enterprise solutions to organizations looking for competitive leverage and anonymized online activities. Operating under the philosophy that you can’t exploit what you can’t see, Telos Ghost offers a completely anonymous way for modern companies to do business, connect global resources, conduct research online, and collect threat intelligence data—all with minimal latency and zero impact to current business processes.