Telos Ghost Features and Benefits

Telos Ghost® Network Diagram

Why Use Telos Ghost®?

  • Telos Ghost connects Wi-Fi and mobile computing devices to private, public, community and hybrid cloud computing environments and provides protection across publicly available transport.
  • Telos Ghost gives secured computing devices access to required local, regional, and national utility/corporate resources to enable effective collaboration with peers and subject matter experts.
  • Telos Ghost® enables centralized aggregation of critical information dispersed across a wide network to provide a complete picture for efficient operations. It also allows for ad hoc "just in time" network connections without interfering with proprietary restrictions, eliminating the need for big proprietary collaboration systems or expensive private leased lines.

Flexible  .   Customized  .   Seamless

There is a customized version of Telos Ghost for each user and situation. These include the enterprise grade Telos Ghost Security Appliance, a branch office Telos Ghost SOHO device, and Telos Ghost Connect software for smart phones and personal computers. 

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